Simple steps to an online resume

I set up this site to help walk my fellow journalists through one easy way to create a classy-looking online resume. (Though anyone can use it, of course.) Someday, I’ll actually get my OWN resume up to date here, but until then you can see more about me on my LinkedIn profile; my Twitter handle, @aggiejournalist; and my personal site, Sue’s News.

Got 20 minutes and $17? Let’s get started

Actually you don’t even need the $17 — but if you choose that option, this guide will also walk you through the steps to buying your own domain and setting up its email. That is, your site will not be, but rather, and your email will be (which you can forward to your main address).

Click here to begin 🙂

Help us help each other: Leave comments

It’s about two years since I built this now, and some of the WordPress details have changed. Registration went up a couple bucks, and signup got simpler, for example. Until I can sit down and properly update the whole site, I’ve activated comments on this page. Please leave notes for me or your colleagues here on any problems you encounter! E.g, a step that’s changed, a bit of my explanation that’s fuzzy, or how to work around what appears to be an ongoing struggle with using PDF thumbnails as a link to the full-size newspaper page. Also, you can email me at sue (at) sues-news (dot) com.

It’s a source of joy to me that colleagues and even some folks I don’t know have used this site to build their own. I’d love to link to your site, in the Examples tab, to show others where they can go from here. Please let me know if I can link to you. And I wish you good luck, but also I kinda prefer this: Make your own luck!


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