Images you can use for this theme

I made these myself — they’re the right size for the Pilcrow theme, 700 × 182 pixels, and I hereby give whoever’s reading this total permission to use ’em. Save ’em to your desktop and upload away. Or, use them as a jumping-off point for your own inspiration — it always looks better when the header is one you shot yourself. And there’s nothing fancy about these (as you’lll see); I just snapped a bunch on my way to and from work, and on a lunch break.

Once you start snapping textures, you see them everywhere.  It’s really fun.  And the best way to make sure it’s copyright-free is always to shoot or paint it yourself!

Be aware: You’re not covered, though, if you take a photo of something that IS copyrighted, like, say, Mickey Mouse or that Pop Art portrait of Marilyn Monroe. It might be unlikely that Disney or the late Andy Warhol will come after you, Joe Blogger, for one ittybitty photo, but the real danger for a journalism job applicant is that the editor you’re trying to impress looks at your blog and right away sees something that would get the paper sued. It’s just best to look like you are taking the proper issues into account. Oh yeah, don’t libel anybody in your blog, either.



Note that Pilcrow’s instructions say 700 x 200. I’ve recropped and uploaded these suckers three times now, and I can assure you, when they say “200” for this theme, they mean “182.” Makes a lot of difference if you care about your images.  But anyway — I have spared y’all that effort (I hope).



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