Tip for everybody: To upload a photo, you click the little grey box on the left… but to upload a PDF, click the little star-looking thing, fourth from left (after the music note).

If you’re a reporter, what I would do on this page is type the headlines/run dates of some of your best stories, make that headline a live link to the online version of your story, and then type a little “Click here for plain text” and make that a link to, say, a blog post or something else you control, just in case your news org. takes down that web page. Extra credit: Get a photo of the way the story appeared in print (a designer might be able to tell you how to generate a PDF of the page, or just lay the newspaper out on the floor in bright light and snap a photo). Post the photo next to next to the headline, or make it so people click on a little thumbnail photo to read the story.

If you’re a copy editor, I have a bunch of advice written here and here, but also I want to point out that WordPress has an EXTREMELY slick feature that allows you to post content that other users cannot see until you give them a password.  This is a big deal for copy editors, because your “clips” of editing work are essentially somebody else’s stories you marked up, and it would be way uncool to post those on the web. In essence you’re posting another journalist’s work on the web with your scribblings on it showing where it needed fixing. Potential employers would view this as a VERY BAD comment on your personal ethics. But, this password thing might make it work — you could post the edited work as a private page, put a line on your blog saying “Email me for the password to view editing clips,” and off you go. I’ll post more when I figure that stuff out.

If you’re a designer, what I personally would do is post a bunch of little thumbnails of your work that people can click to view the full-size PDF. (My quickie way of getting a small thumbnail photo is making the PDF whatever size I want on my computer screen, then snapping a screen shot.) On WordPress, the best way I’ve found to do this seems a little backward — you go in to edit your Clips page and upload the PDF (remember, it’s the star button), but what you get then is a link on your page that says “long_ugly_filename.pdf” that is also a link to the PDF. Control-click on that link, hit “Copy link location” and then upload the thumbnail. As the thumbnail photo is uploading,you’ll get a window where you can input information about that photo. In the window, find where it says “Link URL,” and paste the web address for the PDF in there. Set the photo size at Medium or whatever you want, and click “Insert into post.” Then you should be able to delete the “long_ugly_filename.PDF” piece of text, and “Update” your page. Whew.

**** Old instructions below. I’m keeping them for a short period to make sure I don’t need to recycle any of this text. ****

Testing to see if one can upload PDFs here. You can!

  • Create a new page, upload your PDF (where it says “Upload/Insert,” go to the little star-looking icon to add media from your computer)
  • At the right, under Page Attributes, change the page number to set where this page appears in your navigation bar.

I want my navbar to read “Build a site like this,” “Resume,” “Clips,” “Blog,” “Examples,” so I’d set the Resume page at 2, for example,  and this new “Clips” page at 3.

Here’s my PDF; let’s see if this works. It’s the project the A&M students did for me when I came to campus for a week to help teach JOUR 409 — an advance of the Northgate Music Festival, which ran in the American-Statesman:


All right, it worked! So clicking on that link automatically downloads the PDF.  If you want people to be able to VIEW it, rather than download and save or print it, I would suggest taking a screen shot of it and uploading that image.